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Kukri knife in embroidered leather scabbard.

Location Details

Country: India

Continent: Asia

Key Details

Date Acquired by Museum: Donated 1930

  • Accession number: ETH.QHCOLL.7
  • Previous number: 7/1930


Kukri knife with single-edged curved steel blade set into a wooden handle. In a leather and wood scabbard with embroidery decoration around the top and an embroidered carrying strap.

Collection Facts

  • Number of objects
  • 2

  • Dimensions
  • L of blade = 340 mm, L = 365 mm

  • Cultural groups
  • Gurkha

  • Condition
  • Uninvestigated

  • Materials
  • Iron Metal

  • Keywords
  • Knife

  • Classes
  • Weapon

Date made

By 1930

Field Collector


Museum Source

Powell-Cotton Family, Quex House

Primary Documentation

Card catalogue entry [handwritten cards] –
7/1930 [in different hand] W274 Marked QH COLL 1930
ORIGIN INDIA probably 1860
DESC Kukri knife iron curved blade in wood and leather scabbard. embroidered on top of scabbard with short embroidered straps. scabbard worm eaten length blade 13 1/2" overall 18"
NOTE From Quex House about 1930
[IL 04/02/2016]

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